Frequently Asked Questions.

Enrolling is a really simple process. First, go to Courses, then Click here to apply online. Fill the enrollment form and choose your courses. Our student coordinator will contact you within 24 hours via email or call. You will be informed about the start date, timings and current offers. After that, you will receive payment details via email or text. After successful completion of fees. You will receive a fee receipt via email.

If you attend all the classes in a course run by your trainer and fail in any of the modules (speaking, writing, listening and reading) of our A1, A2 and B1 courses, whole of your fee will be refunded including the taxes. Please note – the policy will not be applicable in case -You skip the classes or don’t complete the assigned homework – if you already had a discount.

– If you are found misusing the policy.

The course is valid for lifetime. You’ll be added to the upcoming batches whenever you wish to start. Please Note: The fee is not transfarable.

Yes, you can pay your fee in two installments. First in the beginning and second after the completion of half of the syllabus. You can also avail a discount if you pay the whole fee at the commencement of the course. For more details, contact – germanschuleindia@gmail.com

Yes, at the end of the course, you’ll have to qualify an exam consisting of four modules (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and then you’ll get the certificate.

Yes, we provide job and education consultancy free for our students. For external students, the consultancy fee is Rs. 25000.


We have regular speaking classes. All our classes focus on interactive sessions. Thus, you get a lot of opportunities to speak and enrich your vocabulary every single day.

“If you think you can, you can!If you think you can’t, you can not! “

-Henry Ford

There’s nothing you can’t do. You might take a bit extra time if you’re not good at English grammar.

Yes, you can get 1 day trial class. Its time and duration will be informed you by our student coordinator. It may not necessarily be based on the basic level rather it will be an ongoing class at that particular point of time.
No. The fee is not transfarable. However, the course is valid for lifetime. You’ll be added to the upcoming batches whenever you wish to start.
We have different levels of learning, you can choose depending on your need, like if you want to learn German for job purpose, you are required to qualify upto B1 or B2 Level.
Yes, we have exams for different levels which will test your current knowledge of the language. Once you qualify the exam with 60% , you’ll be enrolled in the next level course.
German is not actually as hard to learn as most of the people think. It has about 60% of vocabulary similar to English. It’s also a phonetic language which makes pronunciation easy to figure out. And with our adroit trainers learning would be easy and fun.
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